FrankSMP Details

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Route (Transit Protocol) Transit ISP Requirements Recommendation Address Maintained By Server/Transit By (Person or Company)
LOCAL-KIX (TCP) NTT N/A Rest of the world Frank Ruan Billy Au
LOCAL-SHA-NRT-KIX (TCP) CU(RELAY) N/A Mainland China users Frank Ruan NNR
LOCAL-CAN-HKG-KIX (TCP) CMCC(IEPL) N/A Mainland China users Frank Ruan NNR
LOCAL-NRT-KIX (TCP) Microsoft Azure N/A Anyone who has good connection to Azure Japan East Frank Ruan Microsoft
LOCAL-HKG-KIX (TCP over UDP) Netvigator (Business) Internal network accessible Internal users Frank Ruan PineapplešŸ

FrankSMP Online Map: Dynmap


FrankSMP has online-mode and whitelist turned on.

FrankSMP is only for Frank Ruan and his friends.

FrankSMP is currently using PaperSpigot.

FrankSMP is on Minecraft: Java Edition, 1.20.1

FrankSMP is running on Oracle Cloud (Osaka, JP), powered by 4 Cores Neoverse N1, 24 GB RAM, 100 GB Storage, and 4.8 Gbps networking.

FrankSMP’s server files is replicated to the United States every hour, keeping last 300 copies.