Using Heroku’s free service to create your own v2ray server

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How to use Heroku free service to build a V2Ray server?

In today's world, "Internet Security" and "Internet Freedom" are very important. Many people start to use VPN protocols, but most of the services are paid. So, how do you have VPN services of "Internet Security" and "Internet Freedom" without paying? We can use Heroku's free service to create a V2Ray computing server, and then use the Cloudflare CDN free service to speed up the connection and keep our "Internet Security" and "Internet free"!


Heroku provides us with free services, so we should not abuse this benefit. This article only introduces such operations and methods of use, and it is not recommended for long-term use.

let's start!

The first step: Register Heroku & create an app

  1. Open the Heroku registration website, and fill in the information to register. Heroku registration website screenshot
  2. Open Github shuairuan/v2ray-heroku project website (I made some changes based on the original author bclswl0827), browse the below (Block) Explanation, click on [Deploy to Heroku] in the sub-heading "Mirror", and you will enter the page of [Heroku Create New App]. Github shuairuan/v2ray-heroku project website screenshot
  3. Please enter the following information according to the input box:

App name: Free name
Choose a region: Freely choose, you can choose a closer place according to your location. (United States is Ashburn, Europe, and Europe is Ireland. It is recommended to choose United States, because Cloudflare can be used to accelerate later)
Add this app to a pipeline: no need to fill in

Please copy the UUID and save it, it will be used later! ** Then press **Deploy app.

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