Perr2Profit — A job for your dusty VPS

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I have a lot of servers and most of them are at idle.
I kept trying to find some jobs for them. And here it is.

This program uses your server's network to make money. Here's the way to deploy it.

  1. Register an account using your own email. (We'll need it later.)

For Windows:

  1. Download the Windows client at Here.
  2. Install it.
  3. Open the software and type in your email(the email you use to register the account).
  4. Click start
    That's it!

For Linux:

Run the following command:

  1. $ mkdir peer2profit
  2. $ cd peer2profit
  3. $ wget
  4. chmod +x p2pclient
    ./p2pclient -l Your Email
    That's it!

But it will end if you disconnect SSH session. If you want to keep it running in the background, considering about installing it as a service or just run it in a 'screen'. (Sorry for the tmux users, but it will also work 🙂 )

Alrighty then, so now, you can go to the Peer2Profit website and see if it's online!

It may not show your machine the green light, this is a common issue and the only solution is to wait or just give up. It's common if you use an Asia Datacenter machine. (My poor DigitalOcean machine... 🙁 )

The best experience is to use a Russia Datacenter machine. (Russia/Russia Federation). I recommend JustHost, UltraVDS and RUVDS. They are fast. (validated)

The disadvantage is that it must use BTC to pay you, you'll need to find a BTC wallet and figure out how to withdraw them to your bank account. (There's no problem if you just like to use BTC directly. LOL)

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