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Here is a list of all the individuals/enterprises I have to thank. They are the base of all.


OVHcloud: They provided cheap virtual private servers to make the website possible.

Cloudflare: They provided the cheapest and the best (imo) SaaS service. Without their CDN, their DNS, their cheap object storage etc., this website won’t exist.

Microsoft: A student subscription for Azure and an E5 developer license for Microsoft 365 benefits my digital life a lot. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to store all my data.

Automattic/WordPress: This website is proudly powered by WordPress, so thanks for the awesome web app.

MXroute: Our email delivery service depends on MXroute (Mostly for automatic email deliveries, manual ones are powered by Microsoft Exchange), without them, we wouldn’t make our email that easy and that cheap.

LiteServer: Most of our publicly-available services (e.g. pastebin, matrix chat server) are hosted by LiteServer. Our main torrent node is also hosted on it. Without them, all these wouldn’t be real.

Google: Me personally subscribed to Google One, but not Google Workspace (I’ve already had Microsoft 365). Google Photos indeed makes my life easier and more organized. Google Trust Services is the default CA of the website, so thanks for the great services you guys have provided.

Let’s Encrypt/ZeroSSL: Thanks for the free CA certificates😍.

…and all the participants who have taken part in the open-source community.

We love open-source, it’s the heart of the free world. The most powerful resources come from you. So thank you, thank you all, you guys are the best😁.