CloudCone Hashtag-VPS Benchmark

- 1 min read

CloudCone is a US-based VPS provider. It is famous for its really cheap VPS.

Most of their VPS are hosted in MULTACOM data center, which is great if you are comfortable with it XD.

I bought this VPS for 9.99$/year, act as my proxy, it’s actually not bad.

Again, don’t expect too much because you get what you pay for.

Good old

Okay I guess?

YABS is not ran because why…

Streaming Media is also not ran because… Why… MULTACOM is data center IP and it won’t make any sense if I run the test.

Overall, good for proxies(if you don’t use it for unlocking area-limited streaming Media) and CloudCone is infamous known as the king of overselling so… Think twice before you buy it.

Well I had a good experience with it, so… It’s up to you.