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Hello, my name is Frank Ruan and welcome to my own blog!

I am a student born in 2008,live in China currently and is a Chinese resident.

INTP-T, suffering from deep depression. (unofficially approved)

Loves everything about Computer Science and aviation.

GitHub: @orange2008 @shuairuan

ORWTMC LLC., is a company controlled by Frank Ruan himself, all rights reserved.

Softwares & Ecosystems

Loves my little Focal Fossa & Jammy Jellyfish! (Codename for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS & Ubuntu 22.04 LTS)

Enjoys Google’s ecosystem and I pay for Google One. I also pay for Microsoft 365…… Because OneDrive’s storage is just plain BIIIIIIIG.

Oh.. comes to operating system… Fuck Windows but I have to use that because wine and some softwares don’t mix to well. (I’m looking at you, who don’t write Linux version of software assholes.) I loves Ubuntu & GNOME/KDE Plasma. APT HAS SUPER COW POWAHHHHHH!


Hidden, will be placed in a separate website.


Currently receiving K-12 education.


Telegram: @orwtmc

Email: [email protected]