Hello, my name is Frank Ruan and welcome to my own blog!

I am a student born in 2008,live in China currently and is a Chinese resident.

INFJ-T, formerly INTP-T.

Loves everything about Computer Science and aviation.

GitHub: @orange2008

Please head to @frankruanbio for more information.

Softwares & Ecosystems

Loves Canonical Ubuntu and Debian.

Enjoys Google’s ecosystem and I pay for Google One. I also pay for Microsoft 365…… Because OneDrive’s storage is just plain BIIIIIIIG.

Daily driving Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy), and use Tails for cryptographic operation. Use Microsoft Windows when it’s absolutely needed (e.g. some softwares that are only available on Windows)


Currently receiving K-12 education.


Congenital color blindness (diagnosed)


Written on the sidebar.