(formerly 50network) is a virtual private service provider, established in 2016 (unsure, seen from domain RDAP data). They’ve been famously known for their great optimized network connection between Los Angeles and mainland China.

The network is provided by China Unicom.

There are two kinds of network, one is the China Unicom Backbone (AS4837), and the other is China Unicom Global (AS10029/AS9929). The China Unicom Global is mainly targeting the China Telecom Next Carrier Network (CNCN, CN2).

Actually, the China Unicom Backbone is targeting China Telecom Backbone (AS4134). But the reality is, the CU Backbone is WAY better than CT Backbone, never mention the fucking China Mobile (AS9808).

At, they provides three locations. Hong Kong SAR, Korea, Los Angeles.

I’ve bought the CU4837 Lite plan. (Currently unsure what’s the difference between CU4837 and CU4837 Lite except the hardware.

Here’s the

The test point is like broken, there’s no way that the latency will be that high.

Conclusion: great machine, buy that if you are in mainland China. Only ¥18 CNY/month.