2022 Final Review

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2022 Final Review

This is December 31, 2022, 23:06 PM CST now.

2022 is a pretty terrible year for us, but there were still some noticable events which are worth noting.


Nothing serious, took final exam of 8A, I remembered that it wasn’t too good.


Get Chinese New Year, bought Google Workspace for the first time (and then got rid of it).

Played Minecraft A LOT, but didn’t actually do anything meaningful.


Nothing I guess?


Didn’t seem like anything serious.




Took 8B final exam, not too bad, so I got the little freedom for my summer vacation.


Live in my brother’s home for literally more than half a month, wasted most of the time.

Used macOS 12 for the first time, happy Hackintoshing!

Created my very own universe for my thoughts at Telegram.

August: This is a pretty meaningful month.

Went to my granny’s home in the countryside.

Went to the nearest general airport (direct distance > 1 kilometer).

Took many casual photos about the countryside aka. Hutang.

Started the project frSSH (haven’t done yet).

Subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud (Photography Suite).

Working on Hackintosh.

Ditched RSA and started to switch to EdDSA/ECDSA.

Recorded a LOT of complaint videos.

Subscribed to iDrive Backups for 0.99$ for the first year, it indeed saved my life.

Moved my Vaultwarden (did it happen in August?).

Pretty much it, I don’t remember anything else. (Since I don’t even remember that, it wouldn’t be important.)


Back-to-school season. Didn’t do anything actually.


That’s when the evil things started. I made up my mind to buy a YubiKey. But not just me, but a group of people.


Dealing with logistics company (aka. USPS, SF Express) and customs. Finally got my key on November 20.


“Exchanged” the 1 TB broken-but-fixed-later SSD with Mr. Jinzhu for his Samsung PM981 which is 256 GB for free. Thanks :)

December: Pretty busy month.

Installed portable Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Desktop onto the portable SSD as my main workspace (while I use Windows more often,more on that later).

BitLocker-locked the internal SSD & HDD.

Semi-fully utilized the potential of my YubiKeys, i.e. enabling PIV.

Semi-completely ditched RSA and switched to EdDSA/ECDSA, mainly on Curve 25519, Ed25519, and NIST-based algorithms.

Switched from MoccaCloud back to my own proxies (mainly) which is “accelerated” by Cloudflare (no but really, using fbi.gov as your ‘server’ and use header to tell Cloudflare where you are actually going to will use the HKG colo instead of SJC or LAX which sucks.).

Bought a BUNCH of NAT servers for my proxies.

Bad Ending: We suspended the offline classes on December 22, 2022. Starting that week (from Dec.19), more and more people were asking for days off, on Wednesday (Dec.21), there were less than 20 people in my class (already the most among my school.)

Starting Dec.22, we were having online classes which sucked…

Bad Ending: A LOT of people dying on the last few days of 2022, which is… Oof.

It’s already January 1, 2023, 12:19 AM. I hope everyone will be healthy and get whatever you want in the coming year.

Please… Health comes before anything.