Vultr is a cloud computing company established back in 2014. Although they entered the industry for just less than 10 years, they really have dominated the “bang for the buck” market along with DigitalOcean and Linode.

However, they recently (a few months ago) announced a Free Tier. Users need to debit their account 5$ via Credit Card and enable two-factor authentication.

Although they claimed that only Credit Cards would work, actually any method will work, including Alipay, PayPal, Cryptocurrency, etc.

The validation is quite easy, you just need to register an account and fill in the account details with real information (At least it needs to make sense). I submitted my application at night (11 p.m. CST) and it got approved just a day later (8 p.m. CST, the next day).

You can’t just create the VPS from any location they have. It seems only Seattle, Miami, and Frankfurt are available. I ended chose Seattle. Here’s the benchmark.

The network speed is incredible. And it’s a traditional Vultr style, which is great!

Note that you can’t install Ubuntu from the client area since the RAM is too low.

Conclusion: Hey it doesn’t cost you anything (well fine it’s 5$, but it’s not spent anyway), so why not sign one up?

P.S.: It seems there is only one year for free, not sure if it will renew after one year is passed. We will see!