ServaRICA is a VPS merchant established back in 2010. Their campus is in Montreal, Canada currently.

Their Summer Deal and Black Friday deal is very attractive and I purchased one for benchmarking.

Their best seller is obviously, their “Opossum” tier. A year ago, the tier only had IPv6 addresses. That’s right, no IPv4, not even NAT. However, starting from the Black Friday of 2022, IPv4 has been added to every plan.

Purchase page.

You have two plans available for purchase. One is “Opossum 1”, which gets 1 vCPU and 1 GB RAM, and the “Opossum 2” gets 2 vCPU and 2 GB RAM. Both of them get 1 TB of ZFS HDD for storage. As for the network, they have two choices. One, you can choose 100 Mbps, unlimited bandwidth, or you can get 1 Gbps, but capped at 4 TB. After that you can get 10 Mbps for unlimited bandwidth.

I chose the 1 Gbps one, and here’s the

Overall, it’s great. And it’s Xen virtualized, which is great in my opinion.