Recently I have purchased an HK Mobi prepaid SIM card. The card is essentially a Prepaid HKCSL SIM. My plan includes 12 GB of local data, 12 GB of Greater China Roaming data, 2000 minutes of local call, as well as 38 HK$ of balance.

This post focuses on the roaming experience in mainland China, my primary residence.

Test environment

The test machine is a OnePlus 8, the phone supports 5G, but the card only supports 4G/LTE roaming.

I live in a small city in Jiangsu province, here is the result of NetMonster.

Information comes by default in Android.

The roaming ISP is China Unicom, and this is the ONLY choice.


HKT = PCCW = CSL = Netvigator, so it meets expectations.


Since this is the first time I test SIM cards, there will only be 2 samples. One is to Google, and the other is to Cloudflare.

To Google.

To Cloudflare.

The result is not amazing at all.

Streaming media

If you have investigated things like media restrictions and IP fraud scores, you may know that there are serveral tiers of IPs, and cellular is the greatest and the lowest fraud score among all.


I have seen a lot of benchmarkers said that CSL has intentionally limited the roaming LTE speed in mainland China, so I ran two tests. One is multi-thread test, and the other is single-thread test. Both of them uses LTE connection and the same speedtest server.



It is far from great, especially the single-thread one.

CDN node

Provider Node Country Node ID
Cloudflare Hong Kong SAR, China HKG
Fastly Hong Kong SAR, China HKG
CDN77 Hong Kong SAR, China hongkongHK
Google Hong Kong SAR, China hkg
jsDelivr ? Cloudflare
AWS CloudFront Hong Kong SAR, China HKG60-C1
BunnyCDN, Standard Hong Kong SAR, China HK1-1059
BunnyCDN, Volume Singapore SG1-714
Vercel Hong Kong SAR, China hkg1
G-Core Labs Hong Kong SAR, China hk2-hw-gc11 Hong Kong SAR, China Hong Kong, HK
Edgio (LimeLight) Hong Kong SAR, China hkg
HAProxy Edge Singapore sin1
OVH Canada bhs
CacheFly Hong Kong SAR, China hkg1-01

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If you decided to go to mainland China for a trip, then this card can be your choice. This card can be purchased in Hong Kong for an extremely cheap price.