HostHatch VPS Benchmark

- 2 mins read

HostHatch is a US-based virtual servers provider established in 2011. It has been famous for its great bang for the buck because it’s very, very cheap in Black Friday and even normal prices are pretty nice compared to other providers.

There are two tiers. One is Compute VM(with NVME SSD), and the other is Storage KVM. (I don’t really know what disk are they using. Seems like HDD but with SSD cached?)

I bought the 5$ per month plan. With 1 core, 1 GB RAM, 1 TB storage and 2.5 TB high speed bandwidth. Located in Stockholm, SE. The Storage VM is only available in Los Angeles, US/Amsterdam, NL/Stockholm, SE.

Note that the bandwidth is two-sided!

This is test.

Tested on Jun. 19, 2022. Got very fast speed. The speed ain’t very stable, especially for upload. But the download always keeps above 1 Gbps.

Geekbench: 526/529 for AMD EPYC 7551P.

Streaming Media Unlock (IPv6 sucks so not included.

It’s pretty nice actually.

At the end of the day, I’m just using it as my rsync server. It’s pretty nice and I advise you guys to buy one and give it a try.

P. S.: Buy through my affiliate link please… It doesn’t cost you a penny but it can make a big difference to me.