OneProvider is a sub-company of Scaleway(formerly known as It is famous for its cheap, affordable dedicated servers.

Recently, in its summer sale, they announced a flash sale. 4.99€ per month for a dedicated server.

For 4.99€, don’t expect too much. (At that price, you can only expect it as a “toy”, you can buy better VPS at that price.)

Here is benchmark.

I said don’t expect too much!

Actually here is a trick. Trick 1: The CPU they promised is Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU C2350, but most people get C2338. People in Hostloc have asked the support, and the support says:

They are basically the identical thing, I’m afraid we can do little about it.

Trick 2: People get ‘diamond drive’ (people call very slow drives ‘diamond/stone drives’), usually it’s rare for the hard drives to even reach 100MB/s speed, so I’m kinda lucky.

Trick 3: A few people get a 2.5Gbps network! That’s sweet, but I only get 1Gbps.

You may get them all or may get none of them. So.. it all depends on your luck.

Alright, I won’t run YABS. That would take forever. Actually only about 5 minutes, I’m just too lazy to format the output. I’m writing this on my mobile.

But I did run Geekbench 5.

Well again, you can’t expect too much. It’s only a toy, or even more, act as a seedbox or storage server(backup is necessary).

As far as I can tell, dedicated server in Europe is DMCA-ignored I think. So…

And DMCA is not an European law!!!

Overall, it’s worth the price I think. Putting this kind of thing in a data center, to be honest, is a waste of resources. 4.99€ is basically the bare minimum, because of the electricity fee… Never mention the rack space.

Buy it? I think? 5€ can buy what? Like a bag of french fries🍟? So you get what you pay for, I only use it as my archival server.