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SiberDC VDS-1 Benchmark

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SiberDC is a Turkish server provider, operates their own network infrastructure and data center. Reliability is ensured. They promised 99.9%(I think?) SLA.

The basic VDS is located in Istanbul, TR. At the price of 20.00 TRY. 18.00% VAT is added for all customers, so the price is 23.60 TRY. is coming!

Acceptable I think? The speed to China and those (south)east Asian countries are SLOW TO THE HELL…

SiberDC claims that they don’t oversell their resources because it’s VDS, so…

And it has unlimited bandwidth so..

YABS and media unlock isn’t run because why…

Overall, it will be a great choice to host a web server if the customer isn’t in Asia.. and if you want to register some accounts that needs to be in Turkey (Netflix, Google, Microsoft etc.), it’s acceptable.

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