Basically everyone who plays with VPS knows Virmach(known as Virtual Machine Solutions LLC), who is called ’the price butcher’, because they are really so f**king cheap… Especially during Black Friday, they offer plenty of flash sales. Even once, I think 1$/year for 1 cores, 1GB RAM? Whatever, really cheap.

I bought a Cloud Storage at the beginning of June, and it has finally delivered in July! Well it’s preorder, so don’t expect too much.

You can choose either Tokyo or Los Angeles, Tokyo is not recommended by me since so many people is in there and it dies like everyday.

The Los Angeles one is operated by QuadraNet, for 3.5$/month, not bad.

Ancient is coming!

10Gbps connection I think? And it’s powered by Xeon instead of EPYC in Tokyo.

Well, considering that he is Virmach, so don’t put anything important on it(at least keep a backup…).

If you are going to use it as your storage or backup server, it gets everything you need: fast Internet, big hard drives, fast I/O speeds(c’mon it’s HDD), and the most important one: low price.

Pre-order one now if you want to, it may take up to a couple months to delivery, so be patient.

P. S.: The wait time is not contained in your paid billing-cycle, so which means, if you buy one on Jun. 6, and you pay for a month. If it delivers in Jul. 1, the expire date won’t be Jul. 6, instead, it will be Aug. 1, so that’s pretty good.