DediPath is an IaaS provider based in the United States. They have their own Datacenters and network infrastructure. So they are reliable as fuck.

Last year I bought the cheapest VPS in their system using their couple code. It seems like that it’s because of Chinese New Year? Anyways, I bought it in August. For 6$/year recurring.

LOL I got another 5$ fund from their trustpilot rating, so I just need to pay 1$ this year. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Bulls**t aside, let’s run the

Well… OpenVZ… But the network is okay hey?

YABS and Geekbench won’t run because they sucked. Media Unlock test isn’t necessary to run because it sucked either.

Should you buy it then? Well, you can’t buy it now, the activity has ended and you need to pay twice the price because the coupon doesn’t work now.

It can’t really do big things. But it’s okay if you just run a server probe or rclone to move your files. The bandwidth is unlimited anyways.

Personally I run a server probe on it, you can see it in Links & Affiliates page.