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OneProvider $11.66 Dedicated Server Benchmark

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Previous dedicated server costs €4.99, many people think that it sucks, so today I’m here to bring you guys a more advanced one.

Well okay, Atom C2750 still sucks, but at least it has 8 cores

Hey the cores can’t say anything, think about AMD’s FX architecture CPU.

I’m poor so I didn’t buy it, my friend bought it and give it to me, thanks Billy! Love you😚.


Same thing, GbE Internet connection

Geekbench 5:

I don’t really know who will buy that, it’s still 1Gbps, still 1 TB HDD storage, and the CPU still sucks. (Okay okay, 1774 is still high and it can run Windows, but why?)

No opinion on that, make decisions on your own.

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