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DigitalOcean NEW Premium AMD w/ nVME SSD Droplet Benchmark

There’s a saying in hosting world: Azure, AWS, GCP are the big three; Linode, Vultr, DigitalOcean are the small three.

DigitalOcean has officially go up on market (NYSE: DOCN), they are reliable as fuck.

Moreover, the generously provided students with $100 credit for one year, that’s a good way to let students learn about cloud computing and start their own projects.

No bullshit, I have opened an Droplet (in DigitalOcean, a droplet stands for a virtual machine.). Located in San Francisco, US. I think this is the fastest region. And I cranked everything to high in low spec.

The basic model is $6/month (the price has risen a little, from $5), and if you choose nVME SSD w/ Premium Intel/AMD CPU, the price will be $7, and when you turn on backup, the price then comes to $8.4/month.

I don’t really care, because the credit is $100 for a year, and $8.4*12=$100.8, exactly the number we want.

Now let’s see the benchmark, introducing,

HOLY $H!T… I bet the Los Angeles and Dallas Speedtest server have been dead, there’s no way, in the fucking hell, will be 100Mbps.. China in the other side of the Earth could even reach nearly 1Gbps.

No bullshit, in a hurry of time. But there’s still a conclusion: Recommended, it’s great for production use. (If you can’t afford AWS, Azure, or GCP. Then choose this.)

The CPU, the RAM, the SSD, the network… All of them are incredible, so buy it, buy it, buy it!!!

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