Kuroit has been a British-established hosting provider since 2018. They initially provide virtual hosting which only allows users to upload their website to servers. But now things changed. They are now providing virtual private servers to users.

They posted a thread in the forum LowEndTalk a few days ago and many users rushed into them.

They provide two data centers now and one is located in Los Angeles, US; the other is located in London, UK. All UK servers are equipped with a 1Gbps connection and US ones get 10Gbps.

My plan is actually a customized one, so I contacted their sales and the sales guy offered me really sweet pricing.

At the price of 5.90€ per year (recurring), I got 1 vCPU core, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB nVME SSD, and 10Gbps shared symmetric network connection.

Ancient bench.sh coming for you guys.

Really amazing.

My plan is unavailable for all of you LOL, but you can still buy the cheap deals which are available for everyone.

Up till now (Jul. 31 2022 15:00 PM CST), the cheapest plan is 2.38€ per month.

1 vCore and 2GB RAM with 25GB nVME SSD.

I am using it for my server probe and vaultwarden. The DediPath has been ditched now XD.