Nacsshost $2.98 VDS Benchmark

- 2 mins read

Nacsshost is a VDS provider located in Turkey. Currently they are not providing any further information, so be careful when you are purchasing.

They use PayTR as their payment gateway, just like most Turkish merchants would do. They only supports Credit Card/Debit Card payment with 3D-Secure. So no PayPal whatsoever. But your credit card info is still safe since PayTR is widely used.

I bought the VDS #3 Bundle, cost $2.98 per month, for 4 cores & 4 GB RAM, that’s very sweet.

But the CPU is Intel E5-2670 v2, which is a product from 2013… With DDR3 RAM only, so the “4 cores” is just for lol. for you.

VMware virtualization, the network is jittering a lot, not stable. (Hey, why the fuck is the IP located in the US??? And their ASN is registered at RIPENCC, with US ip(should be only ARIN), and a machine which should be managed by APNIC… What the heck?)

Geekbench 5: Single Core: 513, Multi Core: 1814

Oversell: Basically everybody does that, so no big deal. And considering that this merchant isn’t very famous, the oversell isn’t that ridiculous.

Should you buy it? Maybe? You can use the coupon MJJ to get 35% off recurring. Give it a try, that’s not very expensive.

Tip: Their console is just sucked. Their Ubuntu and Windows images are just broken. Debian 10 is the only choice, and that’s actually Debian bookworm (Debian 12)