Friendhosting is a VDS provider established back on April 20, 2009. So pretty old merchant.

They offer Web Hosting, SSD VDS and HDD VDS for storage.

The location for HDD VPS is only Bulgaria and Netherlands. Since they are all DMCA-ignored, it will be nice for torrenting. (Ignoring the disk speed, more on that later.)

The base model is 2 vCPU, 512 MB RAM, and 100 GB HDD. I bought one, in Sofia, Bulgaria. Here’s the benchmark

It’s… Okay, I think. The network is kinda great. I don’t really know the CPU. The I/O speed is very slow (it’s not 600 MB/s, FIO crashed during the benchmark, so the speed is invaluable).

Conclusion: A download-only seedbox. Nothing can be run on this disk… The network is useless because of the disk.

Should you buy it: It depends.

Bulgaria is an European country, so no DMCA, and since it’s the east, something that’s illegal in most countries is allowed (some of you will understand XD).