This post will be Q&A formed, just see if this is great.

Q1: Where does penguins live?

A1: Antarctica.

Q2: Who owns Antarctica?

A2: …? Nope.

Q3: Does any countries or any people own Antarctica?

A3: No.

Q4: So does any of above own penguins?

A4: No.

Q5: Move back to Linux, what’s Linux’s avatar?

A5: Penguin.

Q6: Does Linux owned by anybody?

A6: No, that’s open-source software.

Q7: Do you understand now?

A7: Yes.

Conclusion: Penguins ๐Ÿง in Antarctica aren’t owned by anybody, but also owned by everybody. It’s the same when come to Linux. Linux is owned by everyone who contributed to it, and we can also say it is owned by all of us. In some ways, Linux and penguins are the same.