What is SHA & What is the problem SHA, also Secure Hashing Algorithm, is a widely used hash algorithm. It is used to validate the integrity of your files and messages. However, your hash may looks like this. e35386cfc8311b630a29da909dff48d3334caf2ee85c6318a86d1496afa5ed14 This is a SHA256sum, it is a 64-byte long string constructed with HEX. It is hard to remember and if you need to verify the integrity of the files with your recipient over, let’s say phone or IRC.

We switched to Static!

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After the careful consideration, we decided to switch to static blog eventually. That’s right, we are ditching WordPress! Originally, we used Neve with WordPress, running on OVHcloud. It works fine, but we all know WordPress is very heavy and slow, especially for low-end machines like the OVH one. Now, we changed a lot. We used Hugo as our static site generator, and used Poison as our theme. I also self-hosted Remark42 as our commenting system, running on Oracle Cloud, and it will be replicated to the United States every day to ensure that our data is safe.
Proxmox Backup Server/Client is software that helps you protect and secure your important data. It creates and manages backups of your computer systems, files, and virtual machines. It schedules regular backups, stores them safely, and allows easy restoration. It also supports virtual machine backups, making it a comprehensive backup solution. However, you may find no ARM support for Proxmox Backup Server or Client, just like the Proxmox VE. http://download.proxmox.com/debian/pbs-client/dists/bookworm/main, as you can see that there is only support for amd64.
Disclaimer No brands nor manufacturers paid me to write this blog post. It is entirely based on my own experiences. Introduction In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital era, our lives have become intricately intertwined with the vast realm of the internet. From streaming our favorite movies and music to capturing precious moments through high-resolution photographs, our reliance on online services continues to grow exponentially. As we immerse ourselves in this digital revolution, the need for robust and efficient storage devices becomes paramount.
A few months ago, I posted a tutorial on how to install Proxmox VE on the ARM instance of OCI, and this is a follow-up. Original Post Goal The goal is to create a container that has NAT IPv4 (only for IPv4 connection, no ports opened, and with PVE, it is not possible to do that, at least with no official methods), and has a dedicated IPv6 address. Requirements You need to have a working PVE instance running on OCI, tutorial above.
In the modern era, where our lives are increasingly intertwined with technology, the need for robust digital security has become more crucial than ever. One of the fundamental aspects of securing our online presence lies in the effective management of passwords. With the multitude of online accounts and services we use on a daily basis, it has become almost impossible to remember unique and strong passwords for each one. This is where password managers come into play, offering a convenient and secure solution to this ongoing challenge.
LiteServer started as a small byte on the big internet back in October 2007, which is now 15 years ago. During the first years of their business, they covered the hosting market in The Netherlands and Belgium. During the 2022 Black Friday, they offered 60% OFF for all their VPSes. The base model of the HDD VPS is 1 vCPU, 1 GB RAM, 500 GB cached HDD, and 15 TB@1 Gbps network, hosted in Amsterdam, NL.
ServaRICA is a VPS merchant established back in 2010. Their campus is in Montreal, Canada currently. Their Summer Deal and Black Friday deal is very attractive and I purchased one for benchmarking. Their best seller is obviously, their “Opossum” tier. A year ago, the tier only had IPv6 addresses. That’s right, no IPv4, not even NAT. However, starting from the Black Friday of 2022, IPv4 has been added to every plan.
After two months’ suspension, everything is back on track and this blog will continue to update as normal. 两个月后的今天,一切回到了正轨,一切都会像往常一样运作。 -- Frank Ruan, 18:57 Jun. 20, 2023 (China Standard Time)
This notice is bilingual. (Simplified Chinese & English) Due to some unexpected and unpreventable reasons, me (@orwtmc), and my blog (frank-ruan.com) won’t update until Jun. 20, 2023. Sorry for the inconveniences. 因不可抗力原因,本人(@orwtmc)以及我的博客(frank-ruan.com)将暂停更新,直到2023年6月20日晚间(中国标准时间)。为您带来的不便敬请谅解。 -- Frank Ruan, 19:02 on May 3, 2023 (China Standard Time).