Nacsshost $2.98 VDS Benchmark

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Nacsshost is a VDS provider located in Turkey. Currently they are not providing any further information, so be careful when you are purchasing. They use PayTR as their payment gateway, just like most Turkish merchants would do. They only supports Credit Card/Debit Card payment with 3D-Secure. So no PayPal whatsoever. But your credit card info is still safe since PayTR is widely used. I bought the VDS #3 Bundle, cost $2.
This post will be Q&A formed, just see if this is great. Q1: Where does penguins live? A1: Antarctica. Q2: Who owns Antarctica? A2: …? Nope. Q3: Does any countries or any people own Antarctica? A3: No. Q4: So does any of above own penguins? A4: No. Q5: Move back to Linux, what’s Linux’s avatar? A5: Penguin. Q6: Does Linux owned by anybody? A6: No, that’s open-source software. Q7: Do you understand now?
Speaking of instant messaging, you may think about WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc. But those apps are stealing your privacy for business reasons, which is sad, especially when you are discussing some indescribable topics with your friends. You may run into trouble at any time. So that’s when Matrix comes in! According to their website, Matrix is an open-source project that publishes the Matrix open standard for secure, decentralized, real-time communication, and its Apache licensed
We’ve heard a lot about Web3.0, Blockchain, Distributed Web, etc. But most of them are just in concept and a bunch of essays. Did you know that there’s a real-life example, which powers the distributed web? I’m talking about IPFS, the InterPlanetary File System. WARNING: IPFS Website & default Gateway are blocked in the People’s Republic of China, so make sure your network condition is okay to access related information. But IPFS itself can’t be blocked, more on that later.

Gullo $10 annually VPS Benchmark

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Gullo is a one-man virtual server provider. Further information is unknown. They didn’t provide any information, so be careful when buying their services, I’ve seen their offers in the forum LowEndTalk, so I’ve ordered a few months ago (March 2022). The setup is really bad. 1 ancient Xeon CPU, 256 MB DDR3 RAM, 5 GB HDD… For $10 bucks, please no… Well, is here anyways. Australia location, please don’t buy it. (formerly 50network) is a virtual private service provider, established in 2016 (unsure, seen from domain RDAP data). They’ve been famously known for their great optimized network connection between Los Angeles and mainland China. The network is provided by China Unicom. There are two kinds of network, one is the China Unicom Backbone (AS4837), and the other is China Unicom Global (AS10029/AS9929). The China Unicom Global is mainly targeting the China Telecom Next Carrier Network (CNCN, CN2).
Interserver is an ancient cloud service provider which is established back in 1999! So the reliability is ensured. Their Storage VPS is famously known as the best in the LowEndTalk forum. Yesterday (Aug. 3, 2022) was a guy in the LET forum’s birthday. The Interserver guy has posted a coupon code to celebrate his birthday—code happybirthdaylala. It is a 50% off recurring discount, which is very sweet. I’ve bought one Storage VPS.
Kuroit has been a British-established hosting provider since 2018. They initially provide virtual hosting which only allows users to upload their website to servers. But now things changed. They are now providing virtual private servers to users. They posted a thread in the forum LowEndTalk a few days ago and many users rushed into them. They provide two data centers now and one is located in Los Angeles, US; the other is located in London, UK.
To be clear, I am poor. So the only thing I can do is to install Hackintosh to my ancient Compotato (Computer + Potato cuz it’s even “sicker” than Ubisoft’s server XD). Here’s my neofetch. Just for lol. Time Machine & Homebrew absolutely slain Windows.
There’s a saying in hosting world: Azure, AWS, GCP are the big three; Linode, Vultr, DigitalOcean are the small three. DigitalOcean has officially go up on market (NYSE: DOCN), they are reliable as fuck. Moreover, the generously provided students with $100 credit for one year, that’s a good way to let students learn about cloud computing and start their own projects. No bullshit, I have opened an Droplet (in DigitalOcean, a droplet stands for a virtual machine.