To be clear, I am poor. So the only thing I can do is to install Hackintosh to my ancient Compotato (Computer + Potato cuz it’s even “sicker” than Ubisoft’s server XD). Here’s my neofetch. Just for lol. Time Machine & Homebrew absolutely slain Windows.
There’s a saying in hosting world: Azure, AWS, GCP are the big three; Linode, Vultr, DigitalOcean are the small three. DigitalOcean has officially go up on market (NYSE: DOCN), they are reliable as fuck. Moreover, the generously provided students with $100 credit for one year, that’s a good way to let students learn about cloud computing and start their own projects. No bullshit, I have opened an Droplet (in DigitalOcean, a droplet stands for a virtual machine.
Previous dedicated server costs €4.99, many people think that it sucks, so today I’m here to bring you guys a more advanced one. Well okay, Atom C2750 still sucks, but at least it has 8 cores… Hey the cores can’t say anything, think about AMD’s FX architecture CPU. I’m poor so I didn’t buy it, my friend bought it and give it to me, thanks Billy! Love you😚. Ancient
Virmach sucks, so I don’t recommend y’all to store important data or use it as your production server, thanks. At the price of 5.23$/year, it is a proxy-only server I think… And, making matters even worse, it’s not even unlimited bandwidth. With that said, lightweight things can still run, just backup often. Originally this machine I bought was in Los Angeles with 10Gbps network, but actually, 1Gbps is chugged… A few months ago, Virmach allows all of us to migrate our VPS to other locations.
DediPath is an IaaS provider based in the United States. They have their own Datacenters and network infrastructure. So they are reliable as fuck. Last year I bought the cheapest VPS in their system using their couple code. It seems like that it’s because of Chinese New Year? Anyways, I bought it in August. For 6$/year recurring. LOL I got another 5$ fund from their trustpilot rating, so I just need to pay 1$ this year.
You may know MySQL, Oracle Database, or even Java before, but did you know that they have their own cloud platform too? I’m talking about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or OCI. OCI’s always-free tier has made everyone in LET and LOC crazy. The free tier really makes people feel: WOW THIS IS SO GOOD. The thing is that it’s really hard to sign up, 90% or more people stuck in the payment verification, even though their card is working completely fine (even once, a guy uses his American Express Centurion (aka.

Three clouds.

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Dark, rain. Sunny, hot. Cloudy, dreamful. In just a single day, single location.
Microsoft… All of you won’t feel strange about this company, you may reading this passage on a Windows PC. But we are talking about the cloud services provided by Microsoft (not OneDrive, that’s the consumer-grade stuff, but technically it’s powered by Azure too) Azure, who has eaten up 20% of cloud services’ market share. Like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, they offer services to average people too. What you need is just a credit card.

CloudCone Hashtag-VPS Benchmark

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CloudCone is a US-based VPS provider. It is famous for its really cheap VPS. Most of their VPS are hosted in MULTACOM data center, which is great if you are comfortable with it XD. I bought this VPS for 9.99$/year, act as my proxy, it’s actually not bad. Again, don’t expect too much because you get what you pay for. Good old Okay I guess? YABS is not ran because why…