OneProvider is a sub-company of Scaleway(formerly known as It is famous for its cheap, affordable dedicated servers. Recently, in its summer sale, they announced a flash sale. 4.99€ per month for a dedicated server. For 4.99€, don’t expect too much. (At that price, you can only expect it as a “toy”, you can buy better VPS at that price.) Here is benchmark. I said don’t expect too much!
DISCLAIMER: THIS POST IS ONLY A VPS BENCHMARK, IT DOESN’T CONTAIN ANY OF MY OWN POLITICAL OPINIONS, THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING. RuVDS is a Russian VPS provider, offering cheap VPS for 40RUB/month or 60RUB/month I think? Idk, it’s cheap. I did annual payment at the price of 780 RUB/year. It’s like capped in 100Mbps in upload, and everywhere in the world is essentially the same. Other things are really no need to run because of the war, Russian VPS can do nothing.

SiberDC VDS-1 Benchmark

- 1 min read
SiberDC is a Turkish server provider, operates their own network infrastructure and data center. Reliability is ensured. They promised 99.9%(I think?) SLA. The basic VDS is located in Istanbul, TR. At the price of 20.00 TRY. 18.00% VAT is added for all customers, so the price is 23.60 TRY. is coming! Acceptable I think? The speed to China and those (south)east Asian countries are SLOW TO THE HELL… SiberDC claims that they don’t oversell their resources because it’s VDS, so…
Basically everyone who plays with VPS knows Virmach(known as Virtual Machine Solutions LLC), who is called ’the price butcher’, because they are really so f**king cheap… Especially during Black Friday, they offer plenty of flash sales. Even once, I think 1$/year for 1 cores, 1GB RAM? Whatever, really cheap. I bought a Cloud Storage at the beginning of June, and it has finally delivered in July! Well it’s preorder, so don’t expect too much.

HostHatch VPS Benchmark

- 2 mins read
HostHatch is a US-based virtual servers provider established in 2011. It has been famous for its great bang for the buck because it’s very, very cheap in Black Friday and even normal prices are pretty nice compared to other providers. There are two tiers. One is Compute VM(with NVME SSD), and the other is Storage KVM. (I don’t really know what disk are they using. Seems like HDD but with SSD cached?

What do I use for storage?

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I am kind of a cloud storage guy because I always think that local storage is unreliable. I have accidentally dropped my one and only WD My Passport Ultra removable hard drive which stores a lot of precious data, I can’t read anything from it after it’s dropped. Ouch.. And after watching the video on Austin Evans, I decided always to keep the 3-2-1 principle. 3-2-1 means 3 copies of data, stored in 2 different kinds of medium(like one for your mechanical drive and the other on LTO tapes.